6 Responses to Recover Deleted Firefox 3.5 History with Firefox History Recover

  • Team Nirvana says:

    I think there is one more similar add-on which stores Sessions for the firefox use and you can restore the sessions in order to retrieve the browing history.

  • Jeremy says:

    Ok, I am apparently extremely ignorant on the use of this program. I can not figure it out. Can anyone assist? I have tried many different executable commands from the dir source I opened the program from. I really need step by step instructions, which I can not find. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

  • stella says:

    i cant seem to open the file i downloaded.
    it pops out for 1second, next second it’s closed.
    what should i do?

  • Matt says:

    You do not run the .exe by double clicking, you have to run it from command promp. Simply open cmd and then drag the app into the cmd window. Right now my issue is finding where it’s saving the file.

  • r4ds says:

    Ive tried tot run this but it asks for an input file… which file should I input into this?
    The logical thing seems to me to be the history.dat file, but since that was deleted, I am unsure which file to use.

    Sorry for my noobness in this matter.