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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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11 Responses to Install Google Android on PC with Google Android LiveCD/LiveUSB

  • Vineet says:

    Your title says ‘Install Google Android on PC with Google Android LiveCD/LiveUSB’ and the text says

    “Just burn the image to a disc, stick it in a CD-ROM drive, and reboot your computer and you can check out Android ‘without installing it’ or affecting any files on your PC.”

    How can I install it on my PC ??

  • Maxneeo says:

    u dummy, it is a live image boots and runs like os without affecting the system!

  • guest says:

    his point is that Vineet was trying to make is that the article states “install google android” on pc but then all it is is a live CD.

  • Izmitron says:

    I Put liveAndroid0.2usb on usbstick
    i boot from it and the android os comes up.
    Basically i cant do anything on it because the wlan is not recognised.
    How can I make the wlan system working?

  • Thdt says:

    Look you blithering idiot, running the bloody OS from a live cd is not an installation.

  • Ryanfrenken says:

    ii dont realy get it . can i download android for my windows 7 tabled or not ?

  • Antijona says:

    people like you should get shot in the head jonathan boatrinkin

  • chrissy30 says:

    Is there any need to call people idiots and dummies? Where have manners gone. Not all are computer nerds or geeks so do allow some tolerance for those that are not so up to speed. Also ladies do read these posts and manners are appreciated. Thank you.