3 Responses to How to Get Back Windows XP Style Classical Start Menu in Windows 7

  • Daniel says:

    Oh god, that disgusting start menu looks so wrong on Windows 7.

  • Guest says:

    Yes, it’s a blasphemy to use such a practical thing. Let us instead scroll like crazy in a window that is too small for no reason at all, if we are using only mouse and therefore can’t use the search.

    But hey, it’s so cool so it must be better.

  • Guest says:

    Don’t people know about this nifty lil’ feature know as the “Search bar” in the W7 menu?
    Say you’re looking for MSpaint, just type “paint”, and the program should pop up above you in a matter of seconds as you type in the first letters!

    “Defrag” brings up defragmentation tools, etc. Ain’t that hard, no matter how I’m used to WinXP’s large toolbars.