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47 Responses to Enable 3G Internet Tethering on iPhone 3G 3.0 with iPhone Safari

  • Ron Mortenson says:

    If I follow the directions for enabling tethering on my iPhone for right over the iPhone Safari, will this be a “hacking” or “jailbreaking” of my iPhone and invalidate anything with Apple? I am 62 and not very tech savvy, though I own technology, and I am wary of doing anything to invalidate anything about my iPhone, though if this is kosher, I would love to have my iPhone be capable of tethering now rather than later. Thank you in advance for your response.


  • Jon says:

    are there any service charges that apply with at&t when tethering with this method?

  • Gloria says:

    Thank you so much for this information!

    I do have a question though: Have any of you guys, after enabling the tethering feature, incurred any additional charges on your monthly bill?

  • nick says:

    has anyone confirmed this?

  • Rod says:

    Can this be undone if applied and then I don’t want it?

  • Brien says:

    This isn’t jailbreak… not sure if it qualifies as a hack either. In fact, this doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell. Even after following the steps above, the “set up tethering” button still says “To enable tethering on this account, contact AT&T”. To remove the profile that the above steps install, just go to settings > profile, click [remove] and enter your passcode.

  • jon says:

    i tried it and it works great but we dont know yet if will have additional service charges

  • jon says:

    what should we put in for the username, apn, and password?

  • jon says:

    never mind i went to create instead of just download, tethering works and you rock

  • karen says:

    Hi I downloaded the Thetering for AT&T. The option appears on my Iphone it is turned on, yet my PC dows not show Iphone as part of the Wireless networks, what do I do. Iphone is connected via USB port

  • Johnny says:

    I did this and I got tethering to work via bluetooth, but not USB. Why can’t I get my MBP to recognize the iphone for iphone tethering via USB using this? Does it matter that I am running OSX Tiger and NOT leopard? Thanks!!

  • Karen says:

    Hi, My iphone is now showing the Tethering option, yet my computer is not showing Iphone in network services, how do I get this done or what’s wrong

  • val says:

    Hi, I am from Norway, after choosing the country I cant find my service provider which is Telenor, are you gonna fix this issue? Because I would like to have this feature as well.

  • JPC says:

    Clear instructions unfortunately this process does not work for 2G iPhone. I can see the profile added but the option to tether under network does not appear. Other than going through the jail break routine does anyone know another for 2G iPhone to tether? Thanks.

  • Trent says:

    I followed all the steps and it appears as though tethering is working I turn it on in preferences and pair my computer with my phone. The status bar goes blue and says Internet tethering on the iphone, but on my computer I am unable to open any web pages.

    Any suggestions????


  • DAN says:

    Does anyone know anything about charges for tethering if we use this process yet?

  • Joe says:

    While tethering does work, you are breaking your AT&T contract. If they want (and they can find out) AT&T can take legal action against you.

  • harald says:

    Looking for connection dominican republic claro.
    Can you put this in your list?



  • Skembo says:

    Working, thanks! I’ve got my 3G S and am able to surf thanks to this page. Be patient folks, it takes a couple of minutes for setup once you plug it into a PC. Once it was setup (automatic) Vista recognized the network, and I was online. LOVE IT!

    One note, tethering is not allowed by AT&T, but there is no way that they can determine that you are doing it. However if you decide to use it as your primary connection and do big downloads I would be suprised if you didn’t get a big bill.

  • JonJon says:

    “While tethering does work, you are breaking your AT&T contract. If they want (and they can find out) AT&T can take legal action against you.” really Joe? Do they have th time to go after everyone doing this?

  • Flavio says:

    Can you help iphone users from Brazil?
    Brazil is not on mobileconfigs countries list.
    thanks anyway.

  • SL says:

    It works……iPhone 3Gs here Running on MacBook Pro. Speed is good.

  • Matt says:

    While I am sure this is breaking some kind of contract with AT&T and I believe in the past when people were using a different data package and using the iPhone AT&T added the iPhone data package.

    I assume if AT&T notices a strong increase in data usage, then they may tack on a surcharge or a tethering charge (probably around $35) An now that I think about it having just bought a 3GS coming from a 2G/EDGE iPhone, my usage has greatly increased…

    I had no trouble installing the profile. To un-install it Settings>General>Profiles> Tap remove.

    I attached to my windows XP PC and it took about 7 minutes before my computer recognized it and the blue tethering bar appeared on my iPhone & I was connected.Surprised at how easy it was…

    I went ahead and tried it, I don’t think I’ll be using tethering much, only when I absolutely need it in which I can’t do it on my iPhone. I will update with anything. I am willing to incur a surcharge for one month (hopefully only a month) to find this out.

  • sandeep Arakali says:

    i got this to work on my macbook, but it just will not work on the pc i have running windows xp. I can’t figure out why but it just registers as a camera and not as a modem. can someone help.

  • JR says:

    This works flawlessly with windoze 7. just hook up the phone via usb, start tethering and windoze 7 immediately recognizes the phone as a network device. i’m posting this message from chrome using the tethering…I’m wondering tho if ATT will charge me extra for this? anyone know about ATT charges ?

  • Brent says:

    Thank you very much!!! I have been researching this for awhile and I finally found a guide that works and is easy. If anyone else is looking to tether, FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! Thanks again for the excellent guide!!

  • Mike says:

    I have a similar problem as everyone else. Tethering works great on my MacBook using a cable. However, I can’t get my Windows XP to tether. Any tips????

  • Jake says:

    How would there be any more charges I pay 30.00 a month fir unlimited data usage also AT&T has so many customers they can’t tell. So haha AT&T I am tethering right now.

  • Britt says:

    I just installed this…it works great (tethering right now)! Only question I have is will I be charged for it later??

  • Jacques says:

    Do you have a version to Brazil? (I’m talking about Vivo/Claro)

  • LT916 says:

    Wow works like a charm! I found this out thru CNET, thanks! Was going to pay $29 for the pdanet software via cydia store! No more paying!

  • hrm says:

    This worked great tonight while on a trip in Chicago, IL. When I got back to Michigan my phone no longer was able to jump on the the data network. For the past few hours I have been unable to access internet through my iphone. I have removed the profile and reset my network settings on my iphone but it still will not connect. Slightly confused,

  • GM says:

    They can very easily detect you are doing it if they have any form of deep packet inspection (and certainly most UK mobile networks do so I suspect US ones do too). It’s great and all but it is breach of contract and is detectable, so if you get in trouble doing it, it’s entirely your fault…

  • hrm says:

    Turns out at&t failed hardcore that night (as other friends with at&t suffered the same issue). A day later everything was back up and running.

  • SXM says:

    I read my ATT contract and maybe I’m blind, but I didn’t see anything that probited internet tethering.

    I purchased a data plan and have assumed that it’s included.

    Why do we assume that it’s a breach of contract, if it is not expressly prohibited in the contract?

  • asa says:

    ATT They don’t charge it’s included, also, if you thing doesn’t work just disable the wireless and bumP!!!! I love my Iphone it has save me so much money!!! LOVE IT!

  • Allen says:

    is there any way to get rid of the internet tethering?

  • Ibra says:

    Yes, I got a new computer, when I first downloaded itune
    and blugged in my inphone to my new compter for first time,
    it detacted, updated the iphone and internet tethering that worked is gone.

  • Ecmecc Jon says:

    After preforming this simple hack I was able to tether my phone. However I no longer received voice mail notifications in a timely fashion, sometime they arrived 2 days later. Within two minutes fter removing the ben.m.at profile and resetting the network I had notification of 5 messages waiting. Guess I can live without tethering to my phone on the edge network.

  • Mark says:

    I did this on my fiance’s iPhone a couple months ago and it works great! I just got my iPhone 2 days ago and it says the “Profile” is installed, but there’s no tethering option under settings… did they change something in the last update?

  • harry says:

    Too good to be true ..Used it for 2 months and now no longer appears on my iphone network menu.
    Some how att has removed it ..

  • Gianni says:

    Can you please put “CLARO”, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC please

  • Amir says:

    I live in United Arab Emirates and UAE is not in the list of countries in the BenM internet tethering guide. how can i Use my iPhone 3g as a usb modem

  • Aaron-sargeant says:

    i installed this and my internet tethering option has vanished, how do i uninstall this profile and get my original tethering option back?

  • Guest says:

    Try restoring