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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Geo

    What a simply fantastic tool. Got the job done.

  • Iono0000

    Actually bloody good

  • Dominikjinx

    Bad, it didn’t work at all, took a few moments for the encoding to finish but wouldn’t save the video, I couldn’t upload or save anything in any way. Waste of time.

  • Ww

    useless, does nothing

  • Ani Sertoni

    I just downloaded uMusic, and made a viedo out of an mp3 song. Its great

  • shelly

    I tried uMusic, it worked…but the audio was horrible. it would get loud…then quiet…then loud…i think i’ll try something else.

  • Waste of time, doesn’t work – just says “video created” after 1 second but doesn’t actually create any video file

  • 567yy

    You have to give a name to the file first before saving. The program is simple and does a great job.

  • Gantla Ashok Reddy

    Good Post ..
    iam searching this type of software lats 6th months … thaks

  • Javier

    this program is great! Have one same but you can create a queue of conversion?

  • Mailila

    I use totokam and it can help me to make any action that I want. Totokam can help you to make quality video and not a boring video. It work greats than any video creation tool.