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  • GengK

    sorry but there are instructions for installing this theme??? i just moved the files to the Resources folder but nothing happends.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Al

    Does this work with newer builds?

  • yeah, i’m using windows 7 but mac os skin is a brand new experience! Thanks

  • GengK

    how did you installed it NGUYENKINH???


  • Use relacer to replace those files, then restart. Hope this useful

  • user_needs_help

    How do you install this? You can’t just click on the theme file, even if you’ve put the folder and files in the windows
    \resources folder. It does not fully change the theme, it only changes the background. Ideas?


    First download the Universal Theme Patcher for windows 7 (download link blow), and Patch it and restart. then download the Leopard OS X theme for Windows 7 RC and then open the system32 folder and you have to replace the files shell32,ExplorerFrame,explorer BUT BACK them Up First and then goto C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and put all the files that you downloaded in that folder but don’t put system32 folder and the explorer.exe file and your done!!!!

    ———Download Links———

    Universal Theme Patcher for windows 7
    For More Info and More Themes Goto

  • Goose

    I did what you said but it wont let replace the Explorer.exe not sure why i have admin rights. and how do i select the themes after that? i dont see them in themes


  • Nirav

    Hi there, I have managed to replace all the files and done everything mentioned in here but I am getting the same result as nguyenkinh, background and other things change but the icons and explorer are still the same of Windows 7. Is there any other icons files and things that needs to be downloaded?

  • lori

    Hi…can someone explain me how to replace the files , because the os is writing that : u need permisson to perform this action

  • H3II80Y

    Hello, how did you become the style of the Start Menu? I dont mean the Dock ! HELP ^^

  • Naveen Malik

    Hey this really doen;t work
    but the link i am giving u will not be upset try these real theme packs

  • Ruben

    Go here and you will find the icons and object bar …

  • I cannot change the permission of thes files

  • danny

    i have same system32 administrator permission problems cant move shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll any help?

  • Thank your all pictures.
    I want to use Leopart on my window 7.
    And I want to use 2 OS in my Laptop that has Leopart and Window 7.

  • U all can use Take ownership to have a full control on your file: link

    To replace exploer.exe, you should use an altenate explorer programe such as QDir: first run QDir, use task manager to end exploer.exe process, use QDir to copy and paste(rename original file to explorer_old.exe first for safety)^^

  • But i remind that this theme really not usefull on Window7, cause it reduce great funtion of W7. I backed to original after first use!

  • danny

    does not work on windows 7 professional

  • Can you explan me to install leopard style .
    Thanks you

  • danny

    take ownership of entire c drive then give yourself and all administrators full permissions (assuming you are an administrator, you need to be an administrator to change permissions) then deny all permissions to TRUSTED INSTALLER then you can move shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll into c:/windows/system32 and move the originals somewhere else and it should work with the 7100 build

  • danny

    and remember to give TRUSTED INSTALLER full permissions again when you’re done then restart

  • SahaIpo

    1 year ago

  • nice

  • Hip_hop_tural

    gozel programdir beyenirem

  • Richardfonda

    hey.. the link is not found,, eeerrrrr can u give me the other link?

  • Nelson

    can anyone give me the link to download pls

  • Ballzack


  • Kishan23fiba

    Hi i m unable to find a download link..could u plz help

  • Guest-blogsdna


    Download link broken?

    please repost link ;)

  • Bobthebob

    Actually, OS X and other operating systems like Linux have better capabilities thatn Windows 7. When you say “great funtion” you are wrong. Also, learn some proper English.

  • dciorescu!download|575l33|240303022|Leopard_OSX_for_Win7_RC_v2_by_alkhan.rar|8284
    The link provided is broken – that is another link for the file.

  • ZTramaHD

    will this give you a virus i had a big one 

  • Bender

    I do not know how to uninstall it…

  • hamma guider

    from where i download!!!!!!!!!!!!!