4 Responses to Backup & Restore Desktop Icons Position on Windows 7, Vista & XP

  • HitMe WithIt says:

    Hey thanks a lot for this one mate.
    I have downloaded and tried a few icon sae/restore utils lately – since I started messing with Windows 7. some of them just refuse to work on win 7 but others look like they are working but then, when you test the restore function the icons go to the wrong places!
    So I am really hopeful for this one as you say it works with Windows 7 so can’t wait to try it.
    I use my TV connected to the graphics card and watch a lot of stuff that way..which also involves changing the resolution when changing which monitor to view on. and this always causes icons to go all over the place afterwards!
    Cheers, bookmarking your site too, useful!

  • Nagroto says:

    i am nagaraj, bangalore
    i have problem, that is
    all icon are hidden on desktop, how to restore on desktop

  • Bob says:

    This is the only icon save/restore program that works for me.
    However, it doesn’t handle my wallpaper correctly. I’m using Windows 7 (SP1) and I have the Desktop Background set to do a Slide Show. When I restored the icons using this program (after saving them, of course), the background was black until I refreshed it, and then I only had a single background image and not the slide show. I had to go back and select the folder in which I had stored the slide show images, and then the slide show mode was turned back on.

  • P Iddon says:

    A super programme, that has helped me today! Thank you. E-mail sent.