One Response to [Chrome] How to stream your Google Drive Mp3 files online

  • spepper says:

    I’m please to find out that after I installed this player as a Chrome extension on the Chrome app on my Windows desktop computer, it subsequently appeared as a music app on my Android device (HP Slatebook)– I had been searching for an equivalent app to stream directly from my Google Drive on the Android tablet (without having to download each MP3 file first, which every other Android music app seems to require), not realizing that the Music Player For Google Drive extension would actually show up on my tablet as well! Highly recommended! When I hit the “play” icon directly from within my Google Drive music folder (shown at left of each music file) on my tablet, the popup list that appears shows the Music Player For Google Drive as a player choice, and opens a new Chrome browser tab to let you know it is using the cloud drive as the music source. Very cool!