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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Hi,
    this is ultimate list of cmd run commands.


  • Nice list, but “taskmgr” is duplicated (nº134 & 135). Is there something missing there?
    Also, you do not listed the “command” command, which is like just “cmd”.

  • And to open wordpad you can also tipo just “wordpad” instead of “write”…

  • There’s also missing the “sol” cardgame

  • Ananta

    Very good commands.

  • Aki Rvs

    thanks to u for provd

  • Aqualeo

    thanks a lot buddy. needed it a lot. tanks for ur help

  • Aravind VG

    nice collection..thank you…

  • Some of the commands listed here are usually ran in a command terminal (cmd), like the ipconfig stuff. If you run ipconfig using just Start->Run, the window will quickly disappear.