6 Responses to How to Enable and Configure Windows 7 PC Safeguard

  • Ishu says:

    My windows 7 edition doesn’t contain pc safeguard feature!
    what i should do now???????!!!!!!!

  • Topsticks says:

    I enable my safeguard and now i dont remember the password and the user name again. so when i restard i cant logon to the window is always asking for user name, password and domain which i cant remember. How can i bypass and logon to my system.

  • iAurOx says:

    Not worth it… This feature is currently bugged.

  • Deneme says:

    This feature is removed from Windows 7.

  • Cody C says:

    @Topsticks: Boot up from the Windows 7 DVD, select startup repair, then command line, type in mmc, then add a snap-in in the top menu bar, then the user accounts snap-in, click ok, you should now see all the users, click yours, and click reset password.

    Pleased I could help,

  • Cody C says:

    Yeah, it was in the BETA, but I think they took it out in the RC and RTM. Weird, I know!!