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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • max

    is it ok for win7?

  • john

    Try this Rapidshare manager:

    How big it is? only 14Kb !!!

    It knows: auto download, auto rename files, auto change IP, auto retry download, skip already downloaded files, etc.

    Yes, that 0.014 Mb program solves the Rapidshare problem!

    100% Assembly Language program.

    Screenshots on the website demonstrating how it downloads files from Rapidshare.

  • sena

    v 3.2.1 is available from author’s site
    some new features added, a bug corrected.

  • ADD


  • alimoh

    thanks for this.

  • http://google muhammad

    hello i want to download of new ver of rapidshare

  • ahmed

    it is verry good downloade manage.i love it

  • sumon

    ya i wanna check it

  • tun tun

    i want download manager

  • Andre

    Max, thanks, thanks a lot for your tip. Rapidshare manager it’s the greatest program I’ve seen so far. Really small and it works like a charm!

    I had Rapidshare Auto Downloader installed on my other HDD, but I hate program dependencies(.net Framework). Now I’m really happy with Rapidshare manager. :-D

  • Andre

    I meant, John.

  • mirko

    aa bas dobar

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  • Manikandan

    plzzzzzzzzz tel me how to use the scheduler in this program…. Even i entered the time to start and stop, its not starting automatically, plzzzzzz help me dude…..

  • Celebrities

    Try for unlimited free downloads of rapidshare its a great website from where you have your own free premium account

  • Tomkiller35

    thanks, i love it so much