11 Responses to Jailbreak & Unlock Possible with iPhone 3G Firmware 2.2.1 & iPod Touch 2G 2.2.1

  • chris says:

    so is there a possibility of unlocking once uve updated to 2.2.1 via itunes ,with baseband 2.30.03,,or is the turbo sim the only last option i have ?

  • chris says:

    updated to 2.2.1 via itunes ,with baseband 2.30.03,,or is the turbo sim the only last option i have ?

  • Sean says:

    updated my iphone to 2.2.1 via itunes and lost my unlocked ‘freedom’. Should I resort to the turbo sim or is the Dev Team closer to finding a solution to unlocking 2.2.1 firmware ? Is the turbo sim safe?

  • Shani says:

    Those who have updated to 2.2.1 there is no way to downgrade the baseband and dev team is still unable to find a solution. So get a Simtool. This time let them earn some money.

  • faith says:

    Hi… if Simtool is the only option to unlock my updated 2.2.1 with 02.30.03 BB, Pls help me buy the best Simtool. which is the i should go for and once i get it how do i unlock it. as once i update its stuck on this itube pic on my with emergency slider. pls help.. how to activate and use simtool to unlock my phone. thanks a millon…

  • leo says:

    i have an i-phone 3g and i upgrated it to 2.2.1 so the network is locked.i can’t unlock it.

    If anyone can unlock the i-phone 3g 2.2.1,please send information to my email how to do it.

  • mirsad says:

    stay in lane faith , there are some thausands before u,lol
    take care bro

  • WC says:

    My ipod touch 2g is having issues downloading the firmware 2.2.1 offered by Apple… it is saying network connection error but im connected to the intenet fine and i wanted the new update to jailbreak for a better version and need a quick fix thanks.

  • vu says:

    jailbreak already cant install game it say not verified
    any help thanksssssssssssssss

  • nathnael says:

    i got a question
    in itunes i just checked to update ma ipod version to 3.0 since it is the newest n i tried to download it, but it is fo 10 $ so i downloaded it from other sites for free. but i coudn’t install it since it is not in itunes, i downloaded it from other sites i don’t know how to drag it to itunes or install it