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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Amit

    It makes blank for new window but not for new tabs.

    New tabs still have most visited and bookmarks

  • G C

    It works on browser startup but when you launch a new Tab, the problem is still there.

  • ru

    my p0rn is still showing. dam it, i cleared the all the history, i followed the step it just doesn’t work. god knows what was in the people who created google chrome head!!!!

  • Ben Zalek

    That is exactly what I have done and it works when starting google. But how about the add New Tab. I don’t know if there is a way to disable most viewed pages there.

  • tntone

    @ ru

    Use the incognito browsing option:

    goto: customize and control > new incognito window… or

  • As other posters have pointed out, this blog post is incomplete. It still shows the most recently viewed on “New Tab”. Is there any way to stop this.
    Tntone’s suggestion was “use incognito browsing”. I don’t want to have to remember to do this each time I visit certain pages.

  • me me

    This is a very easy fix.
    When using IE, click on the little wrench.
    Under “Web Browsing Tools”, uncheck “Enable the new Google tab page”. Click “Save”. That should do it. :0)

  • Fdsfdsf

    screw this…. im going back to firefox

  • Whataworld234

    I read the first few sentences of this post then just quit. Your adsence and ad this and ad that really pisses me off. Fuck off, merchant scumbag piece of filth. If you want to give people information, do it for free. If you want to market, find another way to do it, you filthy merchant scumbag jew piece of crap.

  • 34ronsko56

    Firefox is doing the same thing now. All merchants want to condition you to accept being constantly watched, constantly monitored, constantly controlled. They know that your opinion doesn’t really mean shit- your children will grow to accept it even if you don’t. Good luck.