3 Responses to Manage Chrome with Sidewise Tree Style Tabs

  • Edward says:

    Does not work on Chrome 28.0.1490.1 canary

  • Guest says:

    Manage to run this on some previous Chrome version.

    I use now Tabs Outliner.

    Looks like this is very similar extension. But TabsOutliner is definitely more appealing and seems have more interesting features, really like it very much.

    Sidewise can dock to window sides, in past I wanted something like this from TO but now I am not so sure, nor even like this idea if for true – it is mess with windows sizes actively. Yet maybe this is configurable, but on quick look there is nothing that Tabs Outliner cannot do in some better way, and the reverse is seems not true (for example i did not find how to put hibernated tabs or notes between windows, and many other small but cool and important nuances).

    But good to know there is some alternatives. The absence of adequate Tree Style Tabs was a big reason I was not switching to Chrome from Firefox, and now we have 2 such extensions – coo! Meantime I return to TabsOutliner.

  • Blogsdna says:

    Thanks for the comment and your opinion on Sidewise tree style tabs extension.