17 Responses to Windows Live Messenger Client for Symbian S60, Nokia 5800, N97 Leaked

  • 5800 says:

    in options i cant find the menu to change language. does anyone know how to change the language.

  • hhh says:

    this is not official version. official version by Microsoft is called “windows live for nokia s60”

  • Joe says:

    how come it said”not allow to log in”?

  • faisal says:

    where can you download windows live messenger for a nokia 6233

  • Daniel Lim says:

    Yes, i am having a same problem with HHH, “Can not allow login”

  • undercroft says:

    i have the same problem with my connection, happear me the same error. Someone can explain why?

  • Jimbo says:

    Is webcam feature available for nokia 5800?

  • dc says:

    i have same problem,when i log in there is said “can not allow login”.. why?

  • h.a.j says:

    is said can not allow login

  • Dov says:

    i have same problem,when i log in there is said “can not allow login”..

  • ali says:

    if any one can help me with my n97 , i had problem with the massanger and the problem is cannot allowed me to login ? If any one can help me i prauchest that .
    Thank you

  • jamie says:

    cannot login wtf i got nokia n97 y cant i login? If some1 nos another link where ican download msn app get bak 2 me i use fring it uses skype, facebook,msn twitter loads it wickd but iwant the messenger live email me if u got any gd sites jjamiem@hotmail.co.uk

  • mmm says:

    damn it installs but doesn’t log in… wtf is this and where can i get a working one

  • mustang says:

    me an my friede both installed the same chingy version. It was working for him then , after few day’s its giving same error as ppl above are saying . But for me its still working. I used it twice only.. Also he has n97 and me 5800.. Right now its better to get the official version, i belive the chingy version is hacked?! Fring is really good. Does all, but wished i could connect to both my msn accounts thru it. Also dont see yahoo and facebook log in, do i need to install option seperate.

  • mohammed says:

    hey people please help me here i have 5800 i downloaded this file it says file cannot be opned :(
    do any one know y this is hapennin ??
    plz help thank you .

  • Ddalluol says: