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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • gpedit.msc not gpedit.mst


  • xelfer

    You can use this tutorial to re-enable the quicklaunch bar in Windows 7 and make your task bar work exactly like it did in XP:

  • Franz

    that should be gpedit.msc instead of gpedit.mst

  • eanderson

    So I’ve enabled the toolbar. How do I get rid of the label for the toolbar and icons? With XP, the labels do not show up by default.

  • eanderson

    Oh, never mind. A little bit more googling told me how. Right-click on the tool bar divider (to the left of the “Quick Launch” title) and disable “Show text” and “Show title”. Thanks to Tim Sneath’s blog at Sometimes an old dog can learn new tricks!

  • Andy

    I really don’t see the point in this.
    Although it is a very good tip, the taskbar does all that without the quick launch now.

  • @Andy,
    I totally agree with you and even posted a comment to my own post :) The Taskbar does all that QuickLaunch does and more. The only complaint is the space each icon takes up which on a laptop or notebook could be a lot. I’ve read the next release will collapse the icons a little closer together but we’ll have to wait and see.