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There may be situation when you are away from your computer and would like run a specific application or program at a particular time. Though Microsoft Windows does come with task scheduler but it is command line application and difficult to use for non tech savvy computer users. If you are looking for more elegant and easy solution to your programs and application scheduling then here is a freeware tool, Application Scheduler for you.

As the name suggests, Application Scheduler is a simple application designed with one single purpose, schedule an application at a specific time to run. The interface of Application Scheduler is very simple and easy to understand. When you start Application Scheduler, you will notice it has Browse Application button using which you can browser and select the application or program you want to schedule.

You must browse and select actual executable path. Now use select time to select Hours, minute and seconds when you want to run the application and click on Add application button to add selected application to scheduled program list.

Finally, press schedule button and Application Scheduler will minimize and run in the background. At any point if you want to remove any application from scheduled programs list, use remove application button.

Unfortunately, the Application Scheduler doesn’t offer date option by which you can set the application to run at a specific day.

Download Application Scheduler for Windows.

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