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  • richard

    hi! it is possible to run in my windows xp?

  • marvin

    yes, i have istalled both (on XP SP2 and Vista). working perfect.


  • Pong

    Tnx For the ym.



  • hashim

    i liked this siete only for downloading yahoo 10

  • Thnx a lot Bro.

  • G.

    It’s no good, you can’t open two chat windows at once ’cause the tabbing won’t work – gives it an error then forces it to close.

  • john

    I have been install yahoo messenger 10, but i couldn’t login, I have no idea why?, I used Windows vista 64bit, anyone has any idea about this problem ?, help me please. I install yahoo messenger 9, its keep say unable to download files needed to installation, please check firewall setting and retry installation. But I already set off firewall.

  • Sayed Ameer

    Its so cool man

  • Dis contains virus it was detected by eset

  • esam saaid

    THANKS & VERY NICE Yahoo Messenger is best instant messenger and provides many good features like PC to PC call

  • henry cool

    thanks, i try it

  • Tyler

    this is not Yahoo! Messenger 10. this version was being built long before Yahoo! Messenger 9.

  • thank u 4 tha yahoo

  • Thanks alot for this service

  • Willis

    this isnt 10.0, this is just the Vista version they tried to make… least open it up before you write about it. its not a new version. this has been out for over a year now, yahoo just pulled the plug in the Vista version.

    EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Khishigt

    It was impossible to make a call by using yahoo messenger 10 for Vista

  • Yvette

    When is it really gonna come out??? is the download gonna be free???

  • Amir Andalib

    Thanks dude for explaining!

  • cristi

    hi everyone :) please tell why i can open two chat windows at once ??

  • jay

    theres a better version of beta 1.2.1046
    works well
    this is a preview

  • murad

    is there a web cam on yahoo messanger 10 and how to get it

  • Mustafa


  • jennifer

    This stinks like the rest, have vista and this and all the others wont let me download say’s check firewall and retray please can anyone help me with this driving me crazy, I turn off firewall and still does the same thing ???????

  • haydee

    I have dowloaded messenger 10 Beta on my laptop with Vista OS. Now I cannot make voice calls including all my contacts.

    Why this happened?

  • 54q1

    When is it really gonna come out??? is the download gonna be free???

  • it is a verey good messanger and we all verey happy to know that you have made yahoo messanger 10 version new and we are happy.

  • Daniel

    Look i have vista 64 bit and have downloaded this version.. it sucks you cannot do webcam or view a webcam.. the pc to pc call is good though.. i have deleted it adn reinstalled the messenger 9 works great no problems whatsoever so dont even bother downloading the messenger 10 or beta or preiview just the 9….

    here is the link to it

    have fun


  • shahpoor

    i like yahoo messenger very like yahoo

  • In addition, Y! Updates support Twitter and YouTube, which isn’t much of a feature really, considering the stuff they don’t have implemented. The only positive thing that Yahoo Messenger 10 has over v9 is the modding part itself, where all parts of the UI/language files are editable in Resource Hacker.

  • capdaryl

    dose this replace yahoo 9

  • DEN

    i found a newhome with this latest version

  • TiFa


  • nitin

    thanku dude

  • thanks for yahoo 10

  • Kirekhar


  • afrasiyabkhan

    please open it

  • Salwan_wy


  • Ron

    With MILLIONS of Vista programs out “there”, Yahoo needs to get it’s **** together and correct (THEIR) problems and compatibility issues with the Vista program.