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Back in Windows 7 days we had covered codecs for Windows 7 developed by Same developer has now released codecs for Windows 8 too. Those who are unaware of what is codecs and why you need it, here is the bit of information about codecs.

Codecs are basically a software designed to compress digital content such a videos and audios. On internet you can find lot of proprietary as well as open source codecs such as divx, xvid, mkv, flv etc. In order to open video files of each of this type you need to have codecs installed on your system. Unfortunately there is no centralized directory or service from where you can download all the required codecs.

But thanks to developers like Shark007 you don’t need to hunt for codecs any more. If you are Windows 8 users then here is codecs for Windows 8, Windows 8 Codecs are designed to help you enjoy full playback of all media files without messing with different video players or settings. By installing Windows 8 Codecs you can enjoy uninterrupted video playback of following video formats.

Amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, ape, flac, evo, flv, m4b, mkv, ogg, ogv, ogm, rmvb, xvid

Windows 8 Codecs doesn’t contain any video player or creates any new files associates instead it lets user to play files with their own choice of video player. With Windows 8 codecs you can select what to install or where to install. You can also selectively remove packages without uninstalling entire package.

Unfortunately Installing Shark007 Windows 8 Codecs on 64-bit Windows 8 is bit complicated task and you need to follow proper sequence of installation of different components. You can use this guide to install Shark007 Windows 8 Codes.

Download Shark007 Windows 8 Codecs Pack.

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One Response to Download Windows 8 Codecs Pack

  • Koen says:

    Codecs installed, amazing effect.
    Even windows media player plays .mkv without any problem.
    Unbelievable that Microsoft isn’t able to give this to his users.
    A matter of userrights they claim.What a poor excuse.
    W8 isn’t complete without these codecs.
    Even other known codec packs couldn’t do the trick.