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Gone the days when there was no way you could sync your browser profile across different computers or mobile devices, and Mozbackup like tool was savior in those days. Though Google Chrome and Firefox now comes with built in browser sync feature, it fails at not allowing cross browser syncing, meaning you won’t be able to sync Internet Explorer data with Firefox or Chrome, same way Google Chrome data with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Though there are ways by which you can still get your bookmarks and favorites into different browser, but there is no simple and convenient way to setup cross browser synchronization.

If you are only looking to sync your favorites and bookmarks, then Favekeeper is the tool for you. Favekeeper is a freeware tool which lets you to sync favorites over different browsers and computers, automatically by saving them on the cloud server. Favekeeper currently supports all three major browsers. i.e Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

All you need to do is download Favekeeper and create account with Favekeeper and you are done. Once first of Favekeeper you will be asked for either create new account or sign in into your existing Favekeeper account.

Once you setup the account you will notice, at first run, it starts syncing your favorites from your default browser to Favekeeper cloud server, as well as with other browsers, which you may have installed on your PC.

From Favekeeper system tray icon, you can access all the options. Left clicking on Favekeeper icon will bring up all the bookmarks currently it has saved to cloud server. You can also choose your default browser to use for syncing bookmarks and favorites.

Overall Favekeeper is very useful utility but the word of caution, making changes to bookmarks or favorites on any browser will replicate on other browsers too. So take extreme precaution before deleting bookmarks.

Download Favekeeper.

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