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3 Responses to 7 Handy Tools To Help You Unfollow People On Twitter

  • Subhorup Dasgupta says:

    interesting and useful post. i do not have a huge following list, but like you pointed out, there are people who do not update and people who update excessively and unnecessarily. i typically end up unfollowing when i come across their tweets or when i go to my following list once in a while. these tools are a good solution for such situations. 

  • DigitNews says:

    Interesting and useful post. I use Manage Flitter to unfollow people on twitter. I will use other handy tools to unfollow twitter followers which listed over here. Thanks for the post.

  • ambreen11 says:

    When you just have excessively many people who you follow, and your Twitter stream is flooded with tweets. You miss out the chance to view the interesting and good ones, for which you actually joined Twitter.