Facebook Messenger for Windows Available for Download


For long time Facebook users are demanding for standalone Facebook Messenger and finally the day has come, Facebook has just unveiled their Official Facebook messenger for Windows. At the moment Facebook Messenger is only available for Windows and lets you to chat or message your friends over Facebook without being logged into Facebook web portal.

Before Facebook can make announcement of Facebook messenger for Windows it got leaked by Israeli blog TechIT, which claimed that Facebook was testing Facebook desktop chat client for Windows with small group of users. Rather denying or remove Facebook Messenger leaked CDN link, instead Facebook has made Facebook Messenger for Windows Officially available for everyone which is in our opinion definitely a good move by Facebook.

Facebook, a social network with 800 million active users, may grab significant market share in messenger category and without doubt this is in directly competition with other messengers like Yahoo Messenger and AIM. In terms of features, the Facebook Messenger for Windows offers ability to,

1. Chat and message with your friends on Facebook

2. See the latest updates from your friends in ticker

3. Get quick notifications about what’s going on

Please note that Facebook Messenger is still in trial mode and here is what Facebook says,

“We’re testing out a first version of the app with a small group of people. During this trial period, we plan on rolling out changes to the app and expect outages and periods of instability as we make improvements.”

The Messenger is designed like Chrome style automatically updates install.

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook Messenger for WindowsFacebook Messenger for WindowsFacebook Messenger in System Tray

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Download Facebook Messenger for Windows.

Via TechCrunch

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