How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player 11 Incubator


Adobe Flash Player 11We just posted about Adobe Flash Player 11 Incubator release and we are sure many users would be interested in testing Flash Player 11. Being technical preview Adobe doesn’t guarantee about its stability nor does it recommend to be installed on production machines or on daily used browsers.

For any reason after installing Flash Player 11 Incubator if you are facing any issues or your browser is crashing randomly the first step to fix it will be completely uninstalling Flash 11 from your PC or Mac. Rather than messing with control panel and Add & remove programs here is official Flash Player 11 uninstaller from Adobe.

Adobe Flash Player 11 Incubator Uninstaller

Adobe Flash Player 11 Incubator Uninstaller For Windows

Adobe Flash Player 11 Incubator Uninstaller For Mac

On Linux users : For manual removal, delete the binary file in the plugins folder of your browser. Refer to your browser vendor for the location of this folder.

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  • None

    Where is the 64-bit uninstaller?  When I run that on my Windows 7 64-bit machine, it doesn’t work and tells me I need to run the 64-bit version of the uninstaller.   WHERE IS IT?

  • underlabs

    The Mac version isn’t up?

    It’s really annoying to debug my normal Flex apps.