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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • ERiiC

    Only works on Mac? Or is there going to be one that works with Windows also?

  • Atul Kumar

    The present version works only with Mac….


  • Ty

    The one for Windows is out. It is just not working. I tried it several times and it just keeps saying on the Greenpoison client, jailbreak failed. Ugggh. Waste of time.

  • Edward Cook

    Anyone done this successfully yet?

  • Pucks98

    This worked for me, with no problem.

  • Albert8

    The jailbreak seemed to work fine. I went on to install Cydia and then downloaded MyWi but now my iPhone is stuck in Safe Mode. I keep getting this message: “We apologize for the inconvenience, but SpringBoard has just crashed. MobileSubstrate /did not/ cause this problem: it has protected you from it. Your device is now running in Safe Mode. All extensions that support this safety system are disabled.” Anyone know what has gone wrong and how to fix it?

  • Johndoe

    it works, tried it on 2 Verizon iphones, on a 16gb and 32gb…MAKE SURE the phone is 4.2.6 before jailbreaking. I had trouble with my 32gb at first then i realized it was 4.2.5. Then restored to factory settings and updated to 4.2.6, jailbroke again and everything worked

  • The Great One

    that usually happens when you install something that’s causing the phone to crash. uninstall the most current app that you installed and work your way back till its working fine. hope this helps… as far as the jailbreak goes, used this for windows since it came out on day one. has worked great for me 16g…

  • Albert8

    OK thanks. I uninstalled MyWi and everything was fine after that. Then I re-installed MyWi and everything is still fine. So there was evidently some problem in that first download of MyWi. Done a second phone since then, and it’s working fine too. Both these done on a Mac…didn’t know the Windows version was ready yet.

  • Nickchesbro

    It worked fine for me

  • Jerparker1

    I have Windows XP am I screwed?

  • macman

    make sure you have itunes installed. it wont work without it

  • Jkull31

    I need help i deleted the “loader” app bc it had nothing in it and now I dont know how to recover it or what i should do?

  • Pvdtheking

    i also had this problem with mywii, so i used pdanet instead…..actually works better than MyWii so far