3 Responses to [Review] The Jolicloud 1.1 Experience

  • Saket says:

    Oh boy what a review. I have read about Jolicloud many times but your post made my mind to get it now. Atm, i am downloading it :)

  • nicknowsky says:

    I appreciate the comment. I enjoy helping our readers. This is the 1st of many new articles that myself and other team members will be writing

  • haddog says:

    Great review. I am adding this comment using Jolicloud 1.1 on a Dell mini 10v w/160GB hard drive. Quick, responsive, an all around great OS. I happen to be an experienced Ubuntu user also, though not necessary, I like using APT for installs, updates and upgrades. I have not been handicapped in the least using this “cloud OS”. I have even installed Jolicloud 1.1 on the wifes Dell mini 10v w/16 GB SSD. It had Win XP Home. She thinks Jolicloud is great too.