39 Responses to How to Jailbreak iOS 4.0.2 with Redsn0w

  • Sebastien says:

    Yep, it works great on 3G!

    Only little problem though is that Appsynch 4.0 won’t install from cydia. Hopefully hackulous will come up with an update in the next couple of days.

  • TITANNATIT says:

    Does it compatible with Ipod touch 3G?

  • michael says:

    does it work on iPhone 4 ????

  • Luis says:

    Hi my name is luis and I hope u can help me…. I follow all the steps and also do the downloads and I get a massage at the last moment of the proses…. It says something like THE PROSES CAN BY FASTER IF YOU SWITCH TO HI SPEED USB PORT… and I close the box and after that nothing happen… and the Redsn0w box stop on WAITING FOR REBOOT and that its all…

    I really need help to jailbreak my iphone because I make a mistake to restore it to the 4.0.2 firmware ….

    I HOPE U HELP ME thanks for your time….

  • lewis wilde says:

    does this work on mc models

  • khan mohammed says:

    Dear Sir

    i have updated 4.0.2 lock phone 3gs. i need jailbreak.please help me

  • Tim Casey says:

    my ipod at the stage where its says tht it is waiting to reboot

  • Hairi says:

    My itouch is at the stage whereby it says ‘waiting for reboot’. But, it does not show any progress though. Does it take very long?

  • khaleel says:

    Dear Friend

    I have updated my lock iphone 3gs 4.0.2. i need jailbreak.please help me jailbreak.


  • i wanna jailbreak says:

    dose this work on ipod touch 3rd gen?
    cause i used 2 hav mine jailbroken but i decided 2 update it and now i realised its better jailbroken…
    i hav a 32gig 3rdgen updated 2 4.02…
    plz help me thanks

  • a1Dan :) says:

    i hav an ipodtouch 32gig 3rd gen updated 2 4.02 like the guy above… actully that was me so send me something on how 2 jailbreak it propablly it used 2 jail broken but i wanted 2 update it but i want 2 re jailbreak plz help like i said befor
    32 gig 3rd gen 4.02<–updated to plz help it will be much appreciated thanks… :) :P :D :O :( 8)

  • K says:

    It wont recognise the ipsw. Not even the 4.0 software.

  • nappy 100 says:

    dose this work on ipod touch 64gig 3rd gen 4.02…
    cause i really want it jailbreak

  • Bill says:

    my ipod touch 2g goes into recovery mode after it installs everything!?!? HELP

  • sum guy says:

    hi i have tryed this this and it is stuck on the waiting to reboot screen wen jailbreacking 1 how long does this take 2 i click canncle and now my ipod touch has just a blank screen i tryed to turn it on and nothing to i did the jail breack prosses again and the same happened please help me…. :(

  • Emmet says:

    It just says waiting for reboot! please help!!!

  • Raj shahi says:

    my ipo2g is stucked on waiting for reboot…plz help me someone

  • hondamx96 says:

    Does this work with the iPhone 4???

  • The new 4.1 upgrade is now available – I’ve done the upgrade and it seems to work a treat. As a 3GS user I was miffed that I could not get the HDR upgrade but I’ve solved that one too.. here’s the blog…


  • Hessie says:

    I have tried this numerous times and it says it doesn’t recognize ipsw.. I shattered my old 3G and now have a week old 3GS.. If anyone has any tips email me justin.hesselrode@yahoo.com..

  • mr.grey says:

    I have an iphone 3gs and I followed the steps. The screen is stuck on “please wait while your device is being processed…waiting for reboot.” Please tell me this is normal. It’s been here for a while and my phone appears to be off. What should i do?

  • Jennifer says:

    Someone please help, I can’t even find the iOS 4 thingie anywhere. Please email me Cooloceanblue@hotmail.com . Thanks in advanced.

  • alex says:

    how did it work out ? mine is stuck at the reboot screen too what now?

  • Kachaco says:

    I followed the steps to jailbrake a 3GS and the device is working fine, Thanks for the this. Anyone know of any tethering option for iOS 4.0.2?

  • Ashley says:

    I successfully Jailbroke My Ipod Touch 2nd Generation non-MC Model with redsnow. But on accident I updated my firmware to 4.0.2, and my ipod is now stuck in recovery mode. When I try to restore it, it wont allow me too. So now I’m on a computer that does not have itunes, and I’m waiting for it too download as I type. I am downloading itunes 9.0.2, because I didn’t know anything about 10.0.2. Can anyone please help me. My laptop hard drive crashed and my itouch is all i have left. PLEASE S.O.S

  • Rename zip to ipsw says:

    If you have downloaded Ios 4 Final Version and it arrives at your computer as a ZIP file then right-click on the file, select RENAME and change ZIP to IPSW. Hope this helps. Did my head in for a few hours.

  • jace says:

    Mine is stuck on the “Please wait while your device is being processed” screen, on 4.0.2. anyone know what to do?

  • Discoveryellow says:

    Got stuck on “Please wait while your device is being processed. Waiting for reboot”
    Is my iPod touch bricked now?

  • candidness says:

    hi everyone… i know it would seem like it’s stocked to the processing mode. but patience is the key. don’t be tempted to press the power button while it’s on processing mode or you’ll mess the whole setup. just wait because it takes a while for the processing to be done. hope this helps ;)

  • john says:

    how long does it take

  • Guy says:

    how long does it take? i’m stuck on “Please wait while your device is being processed. Waiting for reboot”. it’s been stuck on this part for at least 30 minutes

  • Guy says:

    It’s been 3 hours….

  • Wind86_xz says:

    hi…did this work for iphone 4 ios 4.0.2?

  • Ilkay akdeniz says:

    i would like to know aswell? anyupdates

  • Off Your Wall says:

    where the hell do I find a download for Redsn0w 0.95b5-5?

  • Savreen Mahil says:


  • Savreen Mahil says:

    Whats bricked?

  • THESolver says:

    Ok guys, here’s the solution; just follow these steps.It worked for me.

    When iphone/ipod is stuck & redsn0w is on “Waiting for reboot” & unplugging & plugging doesn’t work, try this (Surely – under your responsibility):* Leave the redsn0w as it is and OPEN ANOTHER INSTANCE OF REDSNOW. (FOR MAC:go to your redsn0w application; right click–> duplicate –> now you have a copy–> now you have just to do like you did before.* Browse for the same file, & check the same checkbox’s as before* Your iPhone/ Ipod is still turned off * Follow the steps for turning it on in DFU mode* Your Iphone will reboot 1-3 times, at the? second it reboots and shows a white screen click CANCEL in second redsn0w!!