116 Responses to How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G 4.0.1 & 4.0 iOS MC Model with JailbreakMe

  • deepak says:

    after sliding nothing turns up on the screen???

  • THrgansta says:

    dooes not work

  • BABYLEGS says:


  • jennicy says:

    highly recommended..painless jb!

  • Yourmom says:

    This jailbreak was very easy.

  • Mu says:

    Thnx a lot works :)

  • Helppmeplz says:

    i was wondering if this also works with itouch 3g mc with 3.1.3….? Or is 3.1.2 neccesary?

  • andy says:

    fantastic, easiest yet

  • Noty says:

    Ooh Sorry nvm i got The answer alrdy ^^

  • RoDs says:

    OH YEAHH Works 100% FINALLY =D

  • fredriksellen says:

    I really does work, this is very great, have search in weeks for a jailbreak to my IOS4 Ipod 3g, and this … this is beautiful !

  • Bachar.Eckhad says:

    THis worked immaculately. I typed in the address, sat down to have a cold one, came back, 4 minutes later, and it was all to the good. Just so you all know that im not a bot….google the armored car heist in STL, MO and see how one of the dummies was riding around with 1.5 million dollars and got pulled over and he left it in the car fleeing the scene…lol WHat IZ it!!!?!?!?!

  • liyam says:

    Like the one comment said this is the best jailbreak I ever see

  • Chase says:

    easiest jailbreak i have ever found

  • Martin C says:

    Work great for me!!!

  • Roman says:

    working great for me atm :)

  • Roman says:

    omg u r the best it worked and it was so easy =)

  • James Andy says:

    very easy, quick lovve it xxxx

  • rizwan says:


  • Gancio says:

    just done on a ipod touch 2G MC model with 4.0 firmware and it worked perfectly, i had just followed the guide
    thank you comex!!

  • damon says:

    no go to cydia manage ,sources,edit,add cyida.hackulo.us/ and add appsync 4.0 and your done dont forget to backup

  • pranky says:

    Is this jailbreak thetterd or unthettered.well it worked for me smoothly. Greta work !!!!!!! easiest jailbreak ever made.

  • edith says:

    It works great! & it was really easy!

  • kianna says:

    its not working for me! everytime i click on slide to jail break, nothing happens :(

  • Matt says:

    Worked perfectly! easy to do, took no time hardly, 5 stars!!!

  • Elvis says:

    nth happen after slidin’??!! it appears homescreen!!

  • the bear says:

    Absolutely the simplest, easiest jailbreak ever. Hats off. Took about 5 minutes.

  • Kazim says:


  • RYAN D says:

    Worked amazingly! I swear to god, the amount of time i spent, trying to find a program to do it, then trying to downgrade my ipod to 3.1.2, and failing. Slightly annoyed that i wasted so much time when it was really this easy, thankyou very much!

  • ashok says:

    its very simple and it worked on my itouch ios4 3g 32 gb
    tank u

  • carter says:

    how can you fix the safe mode thing? its annoying

  • blix says:

    it was wondefull this is the best way to jailbreak ur ipod

  • Anthony says:

    Is This Untethered ?

  • bono says:

    niceee!!!!thank you!!!!

  • Oni says:

    [X] Did Work
    [ ] Did Not Work

    BEST JAILBREAK EVER!!!!!!!!! I’ve been a huge fan of BlackRa1n but after being retarded and not realizing I had to have the SHSH backed up BEFORE i upgraded to 4.0 I have been spending the last 4 hours (since around 3 am to 7 am now) trying to find a work around. Even editing the hosts file to try and revert to the remotely backed up shsh on saurik’s site didn’t work! Figured heck, nothing to lose, then BAM this baby cracks my 3G right out of jail no problem!! And to be able to do it via a website…..GENIUS!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Oh and the added bonus? ITS UNTETHERED SO I NO LONGER NEED TO FEAR THE DEAD BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rahul says:

    hey guys….this jailbreak is tethered or untethered ??

  • jamez says:

    it wouldn’t slide :(

  • VLADIMIR says:

    It didnt work… now i can not use my ipod internet browser… my ipod is a 3G 32Gb MC model.

  • majdman says:

    is this untethered? plz answer asap

  • jesse says:


  • zoya says:

    do i initially need an att sim card?

  • Phoebe says:

    whoa it worked!!!!! man that was easy! i’m a tech noob, so can you plug it into your computer? will it still work? thanks?

  • mario says:

    great job guys…tanx……

  • nathaniel says:

    after it says that thing was added 2 home screen does that mean all the apps r free?

  • nathaniel says:

    an how can u b sure?

  • Jace says:

    The easiest jailbreak of my life. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks

  • toddla says:

    thankyou so mutch ive been trying to jailbreak for ages and this one is such an easy way

  • F.Elvis says:

    Hmmm…it does not change even a bit!!! i have tried for many many timessS..m usin’ iPod Touch 2gen Mc Model..i wonder if i can multitask on it?? n how can i do it??? m so bad with technology(esp Jailbreakin’)…i hope any1 can help..

  • stickychicken says:

    worked great i have a ipod touch 3g 32g mc model running on 4.0 firmware. EXCELLENT JAILBREAK

  • Danny says:

    so bloody easy works for ipod touch 3rd gen 32GB iOS4.0 so simple and easy … works people .. im no bot .. i live in australia … loved this jailbreak :) thumbs up to the people whom have created jailbreakme :)

  • Chan says:

    Loved. It worked like a charm. (:

  • André says:


  • juan says:

    love it

  • DANNY says:

    to nathaniel and others …. this works for any ipod version .. but considering the 2nd gen … it doesnt support multitasking .. and once you jailbreak it cydia is added to the screen … from there you have to add a repository which is cydia.hackulo.us once added you can select the packages from that repo … which are appsync 4.0 then install0us which is the cracked version of the app store … once again this jailbreak is tested on a 3g 32gb MC ipod touch and is working on 4.0 jailbroken … for those of you who need further information you can write me on here be specific on what information you need then i will be able to asist you all :) god bless!!

  • Artiom says:

    Hello, can i do this jailbreak on iPod touch 3g iOS 4? (I bought it one week ago, so i dont know anything))

  • EDDY says:

    it didnt work for me. it sends me to a screen that says “Not found (error to origin)”

  • ahoj says:

    i have problem: it says: “file received was invalid”, i tried it many times, but it always wrote this. :( can i do something with it???

  • Caleb says:

    Your A Legend Work Perfectly
    Highly Recommend Doing Yourself

  • Danny says:

    just to let you all know … works for all iphones and ipod touches …. you must be running 4.0 or 4.01 only … do not update to 4.02 as apple has fixed the patch already and you will have a downfall .. this is confirmed working … you must do a clean restore … do not restore via itunes .. use http://www.felixbruns.de and select the proper version of 4.0 for your device .. then hold shift while clicking on restore in itunes and select that firmware file … let it do its job … when you are on the home screen you can unplug your device from the computer and just navigate to the jailbreak with your safari browser on your idevice slide to jailbreak and wait 5 min .. you will have a surprise saying its completed and cydia is added to your screen .. press the home button and you will notice you have a new page slide your finger across and presto CYDIA … if you need further assistance you guys let me know .. it will not damage your device if you follow what i said … :) cheers!!

  • andrew says:

    worked for me. it froze at the safari screen but i rebooted it and cydia was there

  • RobMart says:

    Works,I highly reccomend it to people with 4.0 devices and people who are waiting for limera1n.

  • ralph says:

    it worked fantastic thank you alot

  • nev says:

    jailbreak worked for me…now what? how jailbreak can be useful… i see some apps under cydia..can somebody tell me other features of jailbreaking…

  • brent says:

    wow!!!! it is really fast! it Works a lot for me thanks!! ^^,

  • Koran says:


  • Adam says:

    I just did this and Cydia seems to have installed alright. I Installed OpenSSH and Terminal, but I can’t seem to connect from my computer, and terminal crashes.

    I have an iPod 3G MC model (8Gb) running 4.0. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not complete for my ipod?

  • jop says:

    seems convincing. will try it later. :) Great job for the makers! :)

  • alfie21 says:

    i jailbreak mine and it work but when i back up my ipod all the stuff that i downloaded from cydia got deleted and now i try to download it again but it said that i need to downgrade to 4.0.1/3.2.1 so please help me

  • jake says:

    how do u get rid of it just in case?

  • .:a:. says:

    I thought everything went well, It said jailbreak was complete and Cydia was added… But Im still not able to set a picture on my home screen, and I’m still not able to multi-task. When I went back to Safari, it said the installer crashed. What can I do? Please help!

  • .:a:. says:

    (sigh) Nevermind… Just realized that I have a 2nd generation!! :( But what an awesome jailbreak though!! Two thumbs up!!

  • dwfd says:

    best jailbreak ever!

  • chompi says:

    works like a charme i was doutful but thanks god said f it just do it it works…thank so much

  • jR says:

    Easiest jb ever, first try! ipt 3g 4.0

  • jop says:

    Great and Awesome way to jailbreak your ipodtouch! :))
    did mine and worked smoothly! highly recommended. mine’s 3rd gen and an mc model. did it in a jiffy. :)) thanks for the great help! god bless you guys! :)

  • Adam says:

    I have an iPod touch 3G w/ ios4 now and I HAD a 3.1.3 spirit jailbreak, and I saw this and upgraded to ios4, and it doesn’t work for me..
    When I slide the thing it just crashes and sends me to the home screen, and whatever I do to it, it just seem to work out….

    Anyone have the same problem? Or does anyone know what’s wrong???

  • Adam says:

    When I try to go to that site it says

    403- Forbidden

  • dandanc says:

    You legend!! 10/10 x

  • Matt says:

    Amazing! Worked on my 8gb 3g iTouch! Thanks!

  • dc says:

    how do i upgrade from 3.1.3 to 4.0 or 4.0.1?
    please and thank you.

  • Hugo33 says:

    Hi !
    I have exactly the same problem as Adam:
    When i slide Safari just crashes and brings me to the springboard. Please HELP US !!!

  • alon says:

    thank you a lot its working very well

  • kodi says:

    jailbreak isnt very good many problems one being cant get tweaks to work crashes springboard and wont respring to solve problem

  • fehm says:

    how do i update to an earlier version because on itunes they have the latest one

  • Fred says:

    When will there be one for 4.0.2 version

  • Manoj says:

    Thanks….best jailbreak ever..

  • Kye says:

    Okay, This took, literally, less than five minutes. Thank you so much. Works GREAT! Would be HAPPY to reccomed to ALL! :D

  • abbas says:

    yup it works

  • max says:

    This didn’t work for me.
    i have an ipod touch 2g 8gb MC086LL Ios 4.0 (8A293)
    i can’t put different software on it.
    i can’t jailbreak with
    – JailBreakMe
    – Sn0wbreeze
    – Redsn0w
    – Spirit
    – Blackra1n

    other options???

    or how do i Downgrade?

    I Don’t Know!!!

    i had it jailbreaked with blackra1n. got cydia and that downgrade thing or something. dont know the name.


    any advice

    Mail me: maxbottemanne@hotmail.com

  • Marcus says:

    Thank You! An untethered jailbreak for iPod 2g! I’ve been looking for this and it works perfectly! You are a God!

  • Jacob says:

    It wouldn’t let me slide it across?

  • james says:

    does this jail break work if you have the update with aeroplane mode??? im not sure which update it is but aeroplane mode is the first icon at the top in the settings

  • isaiah says:

    seems to be realistic!
    however, i’m on 4.0.2, therefore unable to jailbreak it.
    is there any way for me to downgrade to 4.0.1 or something so i can jailbreak it?

    if anyone knows, respond via isaiah.stock@gmail.com

    thank you!

  • Mak says:

    works great. took about 90 seconds, and seems too good to be true. but, nope.

  • J0hn_t0 says:

    can you still shut off your itouch after you jailbreak it?

  • Bluegreen7878 says:

    does this really work???? i have ipod touch 3g??? im gonna try it!!!!

  • Callumm says:

    yeah same with me :S

  • John says:

    can you still plug you ipod into itunes because i forgot to add them before jailbreakng my itouch

  • J0hn says:

    i forgot to add some apps i bought on itunes

  • MY NAME IS JONAS says:

    Free, LEGAL, safe
    Legal?? WTF
    Anyway, I don’t care I’m gonna do it on my friend’s 2G MC, by downgrading it to 4.0 and then JAILBREAKING!! HA HA!!!

  • jo-ro says:

    Any news on when a jailbreak will be available for iTouch 2g MC 4.1?

  • Dana says:

    you have turn on javascript

    settings>safari> javascript on

  • DKdesigns says:

    4 PEOPLE HU ARE STRUGGLING. GO TO http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/
    DEN CTRL + RESTORE (ITUNES) AND CHOOSE DA FIRMWARE FILE U DOWNLOADED. DEN FOLLOW DA PROCESS ABOVE. email : lil_dezzee@hotmail.co.uk. for further help or jus 2 fank me 4 been a kind person 2 u

  • Dkdesigns says:

    sorrry make dat
    Shift + restore (itunes)

  • girlwhoaccidentallyuppto4.0 says:


  • Mjt says:

    I did this on itouch 3g 4.0 and my boot screen had a fucked up pattern. upgraded to apple ios 4.1 to remove jailbreak and it worked. limera1n here we come.

  • rayhan says:

    can it download music from itunes, or shall i buy itunes card for downloading it?

  • Jake says:

    How long does it take once you slide the slide to jailbreak bar? becuase I do it and the screen just stays on a blank safari page with the purple star thing background…is it just downloading the files?

  • :( says:

    mine want work i cant slide or press the thing

  • Teagananderson says:

    it wont let me slide to jailbreak??

  • Woodson says:

    With WiFi:
    1. Open Cydia.
    2. Press to select the Manage tab at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Press to select the large Sources button.
    4. Press the Edit button at the top right of the screen.
    5. Enter the source URL:

  • Ahmad says:

    ipod 3g version 4.0 :) thanx alot

  • Rjames98 says:

    it didnt fucking work i was to high of a version after i downgraded

  • Gv5320 says:

    try GreenPois0n

  • Azfand says:

    wats the sight for green poison?