162 Responses to How to Jailbreak iPhone 3G 4.1 iOS with Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 5

  • taggart says:

    Yep totally a sweet jailbreak for iphone 3g Not 3gs
    worked on 4.1 firmware no sweet better then purple rain !
    sweet blog dude ..Respect !

  • BLiNK says:

    any ideas as to why i am losing my phone icon/app/feature with this JB?

  • anonnyy says:

    does this work with 4.0.2????

  • ram says:

    Same to me ,,, i’m losing my phone icon and wifi not working only connect not download or browsing ( cydia, safari , youtube )

    any idea for that

  • Tom says:

    just an FYI. I just Jailbroke my phone using this method on the release from today and i lost my phone feature lol.

  • janLuka says:

    ive the same problem: losing my phone icon/app after JB(iphone 3g 4.1)

  • George L says:

    dude wtf happened to my iphone? it wont even turn off..
    it doesnt even restore..and i dont have the phone icon like BLINK above.
    any ideas?

  • DJ says:

    [any ideas as to why i am losing my phone icon/app/feature with this JB?]

    I’m getting the same, not too fussed as I don’t need the JailBreak, but it is a little amusing.

    The ‘Phone’ icon has been removed off the screen, and you cannot make phone calls. You can however still receive phone calls.

    So I would say the JailBreak is not ok with the official 4.1 release.

  • CyBerBird says:

    and how about cydia app supported? anyone try on cydia yet? please let me know. i would like to upgrade but want to know exactly that cydia it’s work and i will go ASAP.


  • Nick V says:

    Does this jailbreak actually keep the improvements of the new iOS 4.1, or does it resort back to the laggy previous version?

  • SoHail says:

    Well the phone app will be gone after Jailbreak! probably is because Redsn0w Beta 5-5 is nto designed to Jailbreak iOS 4.1?!

  • tyrone says:

    Same here, i got the JB but lost all phone app/icon/feature too… Also struggled to the it to restore???

  • tyrone says:

    p.s. i was using iphone 3g, itunes10, iphone 4.0 ipsw.. if that makes a diff..??

  • Brian says:

    Yea i lost my phone feature as well. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • asdf says:

    Lost my Phone icon too. And all my cracked apps disappeared. What did I do wrong??

  • Flash says:

    I also lost the phone icon with this jailbreak. Tried it twice, it just turns the iPhone into an iPod.

  • tiago Miranda says:

    dont work

  • Adrian says:

    Yeah same here I lost my phone icon when I applied this jailbreak…

  • Adrian says:

    This is starting to freak me out now, cuz I cant sync m iphone with itunes nor can I restore the iphone. What do I do???

  • SROY says:

    Same here…after jailbreak, loosing phone app, not just the icon. Touch a phone # and nothing happens. All phone settings are also gone. It is like your iPhone has been changed to a iPod Touch. Please help!

  • funky says:

    i tried doing this with my 3G 4.1, but every time i jailbreak, i lose my PHONE icon ?? what went wrong ?

  • STAN says:

    Loses phone and wifi function don’t do it!!!

  • Anday says:

    Same here Blink im losing my phone icon and all its features as well… phone doesn’t even show up in settings either.. and my phone wont turn off after i jailbreak i couldn’t sync or back up or anything i had to completely restore my iphone 3g from Recovery mode just to get it back to normal, i have jailbroken it twice now. but i did untick install cydia, because i dont want cydia.

  • Nbxxx13 says:

    any ideas as to why i am losing my phone icon/app/feature ??? Please help

  • Audrian says:

    Add in cydia http://apt.saurik.com/cydia-3.7. It should work.

  • Maxence says:

    hello ! i’m french and I did this tutorial , but as taggart I’ve lost my phone icon tooo , I can only send messages , and Itunes doesn’t want to restaure it :/
    Can you help me ?? thanks

  • TRBONIUM says:

    I got exactly the same thing. After updating to 4.1, I used redsn0w to jailbreak. All seemed fine, except no Phone icon. I can call people from the messages app (Call button at top of conversation) but from nowhere else! WTF! I guess I jumped the gun! Now restore won’t work either! Failed on two different PCs with XP. Sh*t!

  • Maxence says:

    Not taggart –> blink

    But I’ve found the solution , normally itunes doesn’t want to do anything , you’ve juste to put your iPhone into DFU mode and itunes says it must be restaured for work and wait ……….. Now your iPhone is ready to phone ;)

    But I think you’ve ever found the problem no ??

  • James D says:

    HA Same I’ve just lost my Phone icon. Don’t think the feature is missing – just the Icon is gone!

    I’m about to restore to 4.1, NOT restore a backup and then JB. See if that works.

  • ryan says:

    it doesnt work for me, i tried it 5 times still no help….

  • JD says:

    the same thing happened to me

  • sam says:

    i have iphone 3g 4.0, i updated as the above process, after updating to 4.1 in step1, my phone is locked i think, i get only “USB DATA CABLE pointing to itunes” in screen.

    when i connect to laptop, itunes detect and shows, “the sim card inserted in this phone is appear to be not supported”.

    im sure, smbdy will have solution,need help


  • Pete says:


    Probably because this JB doesn’t work with the official september IOS 4.1 – only with the developer beta versions.

  • Ali says:

    My device does not boot back up after it is put in DFU mode. Redsnow says waiting for reboot and nothing happens. I tried holding the home button until it does but that did not work either. Any ideas?

    P.s. I am using a 3G iPhone with brand new 4.1 installed on it. I just checked my itune version it is veer 10.


  • sry sross says:

    how can I Jailbreak& Unlock my Iphone 3G on firmwere 4.1?
    How can I Donwnload softwere purple rian ?
    please help me.
    thank you
    sry sross

  • Ed says:

    Can anyone help me out? Why is it that when I donwload the 4.0 firmware onto my computer to jailbreak my 3G it comes Zipped and when I unzip it it is simply a folder and not an IPSW? Redsnow will not recognize the folder. Help please?

  • Andrew says:

    Same with me, my phone app is completely gone, i cant even search for it in the search thing!

  • colt says:

    my phone icon disappeared also.. help please

  • arend says:

    shit… can not call anymore!!! this jailbreak doesn’t work for iphone 3g with ios 4.1!! I lost my phone.app and if somebody calls you can not say anything

  • athens says:

    This is FAKE He said Redsn0w 0.9.5 BETA 5 but His photo for sample is 0.9b5-3 that is Redsn0w 0.95 beta 3

    i already try and it broke my phone

    and now i cann’t Restore data back !!!

    don’t try it !!!

    Dammm FFS for this blog !!!

  • liam says:

    i dont have wi-fi access now?

  • Micah says:

    My phone feature also disappeared…

  • MarKing says:

    I Tryied to jailbreak my iOS 4.1 iPhone 3G with redsn0w but, at first, after i make it in DFU mode, redsn0w freezes with the message waiting to reboot… I figure it out and now, after it installs and everything else, i click finish but my iPhone freezes with a blue screen on it… I thought i would work and i left it to work 7 hours cause i was asleep. When i woke up the Iphone was the same as in the beginning, i mean not jailbroken… Please help! I don’t know what to do anymore… I tried with redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-5 and redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-3 and the same result…. Please Reply

  • jean says:

    hi my phone icon is missing and cant call out

  • Marco says:

    Can’t use the iphone as a phone (1) with this JB. Minor bug – roflmao

  • halfton says:

    im having the same problem. does anyone know whats going on

  • chris says:

    Any Ideas why it gets stuck on the “Waiting for Reboot” page?

  • Brian says:

    This jailbreak doesn’t work when I do do the jailbreak
    iPhone starts back up cydia is on screen but only as a White icon then when I go into cydia it will not load up as my network is all f??ked up done this 3 times and hat to reset everytime iam a between at jailbreaks as I have been jailbreak my device and all my friends devices for as long as the iPhone and jailbreak has being out but this I just can’t get can anybody help and old school vet

  • gabor says:

    i make this jailbreaking and i loos my phone icon!

  • James D says:

    Hey listen. The problem is this is for 4.1 betas. That’s why your JB are failing.

    To fix, power off your iPhone and unplug from the computer. THEN. Hold down the home button and keep holding it whist plugging in your iPhone. Your iPhone should enter recovery mode, and you can restore back to the normal 4.1 firmware.

    DONT JAILBREAK NOW! SERIOUSLY!! Wait until someone does it properly!!!
    AND also – please read the comments before jailbreaking with some tutorial. If there is a problem (which there clearly is) then wait until some people start saying it’s fixed!!

    Any questions @ reply me on Twitter. @jdrydn

  • ABRA says:

    Oh no, I wish I’d read your reviews first. Thought it was too good to be true. Same thing here, no phone icon. I tried holding down home button whilst plugging in my iPhone and with it switched off but no success. Any other suggestions?

  • Abra says:

    I’ve managed to restore my phone wooooohoooooo!!
    Basically all I did was go to on my iphone Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Media. It says that it could take up to one hour, just ok that. Once that had taken its course and come up with that eagerly awaited Connect to iTunes symbol, I then turned the iPhone off and put it into DFU. Fired up iTunes and come across another hurdle, ‘iTunes could not contact the iPhone software update server’. Easily fixed when you go (on your pc) to Control Panel>Network and Sharing>Internet Options>Connections Tab>LAN Settings>check box Automatically Detect Settings>OK>OK. Fire up iTunes again and I welcome any thankyous at abra@tesco.net

  • Abra says:

    Its ‘Erase all content and settings’, not ‘Erase all media’.

  • r says:

    put your phone into dfu mode, then restore it. Worked for me but took several goes to get it into dfu mode, so dont give up too easily.

  • patrick says:


    /settings/general/reset/erase all content and settings

    it’s the only way to restore it to 4.1 or other software by using shift+restore at itunes when u phone ask it

    but for the guy’s who have to unlock there phone it’s can’t any more till ultrasn0w got new version restore didn’t change my baseband to the normal 1 :(

  • Koketso says:

    Thanx ABRA,

    Worked like a charm…..

    I’VE HAD IT WITH THIS CRAP…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david says:

    hey people! I´ve jailbroken my iphone with this redsn0w, but I have problem. I don´t have the icon ,,phone” on my iphone. Can anybody tell me what should I do?

  • david says:

    Oh, I managed it! I tried ABRA´s method and it really works!
    Thank you very much ABRA!

  • craig says:

    @ ABRA that worked for me thanks

  • david says:

    Anyway, does anybody know how to jailbreak firmware 4.1?

  • David says:

    You have a date of release of the jailbreak 4.1 on 3GS ?

  • Sergie says:

    The way to restore an iPhone after you unsuccessfully jailbroke it and loose phone app!!!!
    You need to put it into DFU mode and the way to turn it off!!!
    (press power button and in 5 sec home button while still holding the power one).
    Next -> press home button and while holding it plug the phone to PC, keep holding till you’ll see “connect to iTunes icon on your iPhone!!! Now you’ll be able to restore it with iTunes.
    Good luck!

  • Anday says:

    Don’t need to do what abra says just put iPhone in recovery or DFU Mode and restore that way. Error code 1604 on apple website >_> they tell u how to fix it…. This JB doesn’t work wait for an official release from the dev team Jesus some idiots on here..

  • hero says:

    after i do jailbreak my phone icon is missing, cydia icon is white. also i can shut off my phone.

  • alex_aro says:

    i have all

    redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-5 ( last version )
    itune 10
    (Firmware for iphone 3gs ios4.1 )= iPhone2,1_4.1_8B117_Restore
    I get Update ios4.1 on iphone 3gs already

    i want to jailbreak i Run Redsn0w ( But……..)
    i Run Redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5 and click browse buttone to browse firmware for my iphone but it show unable to recognize specified IPSW.
    During Run Redsn0w i connected my iphone to pc

  • Zeeshan Zafiri says:

    When I updated my iphone from 3.1.3 to 4.1 using itunes my iphone got locked.
    serial no.: 878379AC1R4
    IMEI.: 01 174300 829098 5
    Modem Version.: 05.14.02
    Bootloader: 05.09
    I require futher help from you people so that I can unlock my iphone at the earliest…
    Hoping a better reply
    and Thank You in advance…
    Zeeshan Zafiri

  • prabhakar says:

    pls wait November for new update ios 4.2, now before 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 successfully update through properly save shsh blob file etc folder and phone totally worked 3.1.2 version iphone 3g or any……….those iphone update ios 4.1 …..pls back 3.1.2 whithout any tension………..Prabhakar

  • penguin says:

    the problem is you cant put it in recovery or DFU cause the phone WILL NOT turn OFF. it just turns back on after some loading… sha bam! =.=

  • SaruxtheGod says:

    Do not use this jailbreak – it will remove phone app and you cannot connect to cydia etc..

    To restort back to default – plug it in to your PC/MAC

    hold power+home button right after you slide it off. It will actually not turn off because of this jb, but it will still boot into restore mode. Hold power+home, release power after 10 secs and just hold home and you should be able to restore to factory defaults.

  • Szabi says:

    If you haven’t Phone icon, you can use other contact tools from Appstore to make phonecalls, for example POWERCONTACT.

  • Poper says:

    yeah, i lost my phone app too

  • Jeff says:

    I did as PENGUIN said above and it works properly to restore the iphone

  • Jeff says:

    Don’t use this JAILBREAK if you don’t wanna flash your iphone

  • Cookoo says:

    OMG Abra, I want to fuck you.

  • FUAD says:

    FOR 3G users:
    Guys, let us not confuse eachother. It’s pretty simple; just hear me out. Basically, once you upgrade to iOS4.1, you CANNOT unlock the iphone with cydia! I think that APPLE has intentionally designed this firmware to prevent users from unlocking iphones. You can jailbreak iOS4.1 indeed, but you will not be able to switch the phone off, will lose your PHONE icon, and have a blank cydia icon that will fail to connect to the internet to unlock the phone. Since iOS4.1 CANNOT BE UNLOCKED as of yet, I tried several times to downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0/4.0.1/4.0.2 but it didn’t work. So I had to restore to 4.1 which basically refreshed my phone.

    IN OTHER WORDS, If you have jailbroken your iOS4.1 iphone and are facing the abovementioned issues, you should forget about unlocking your iphone. The best you can do is go back and restore your firmware to factory settings (4.1), and you will get back your phone icon and your phone will return to normal state.

    After failing to unlock my iOS4.1 firmware iphone, I went through a few steps to get my phone to work. Of course I was sad to figure out that I cannot unlock my phone for this stupid upgrade :(. But I wanted my phone to return to its normal state, so I went for a reinstall.

    So if you have already given up on the unlocking part and want to get back your phone icon, get rid of cydia and want to be able to successfully switch your phone on and off, you are welcome to try out the following steps. BUT REMEMBER YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FILES, SO U HAVE TO USE YOUR BACKUP LATER. THE FOLLOWING STEPS WILL SIMPLY REINSTALL THE OS, BASICALLY TURNING IT INTO A BRAND NEW INSTALLED PHONE.

    (1) Go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. This will basically remove the cydida and the system files preparing your phone for restoration to factory settings. This will take a while.

    (2) After files and settings have been erased, the phone will automatically enter to recovery mode.

    (3) Connect to iTunes and click on restore update (not shift+restore_update). This will connect your iTunes to the internet and download the 4.1 firmware (if your iTunes does not have it already). Once download is complete iTunes should be able to restore your iphone with the latest firmware (4.1) back to factory settings.

    I am eagerly waiting for cydia to come up with a way to unlock the iOS4.1 firmwared iphones. If only there was a way to downgrade the firmware to 4.0, that would’ve solved our problem too. It is heartbreaking :(

  • Hrviii says:

    Restoring after failed jailbreak is not that hard,just follow the guide here:
    Worked for me,if u have any problems,contact me on mail:vilica343@gmail.com
    Btw;no downgrading after updating to 4.1,so DON’T UPDATE!

  • Wesam says:

    Are you having a problem to restore your iphone after jailbreak ??????????????????????

    1. Make sure you are using iTunes 7.5 or later. Best is to download the latest version of iTunes. Launch iTunes.

    2. Ensure that iPhone is disconnected from your PC or laptop and power it off by holding the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears and slide the slider. Wait for it to be turned off.

    3. This step is important. Press and hold the Home button while you reconnect iPhone to your PC or laptop using the USB cable. Keep the home button depressed until you see a pop up in iTunes saying that iPhone is in recovery mode. You can release the button at this moment.

    4. Click ok and follow the rest of the instructions. Please note that NO backup of iPhone will be done at this moment as in the case of normal restore. iTunes will then proceed to restore iPhone using your previous backups.
    ((redsn0w is suck ))

  • Wesam says:

    if you are having a problem to restore your iphone use these steps >

    1. Make sure you are using iTunes 7.5 or later. Best is to download the latest version of iTunes. Launch iTunes.

    2. Ensure that iPhone is disconnected from your PC or laptop and power it off by holding the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears and slide the slider. Wait for it to be turned off.

    3. This step is important. Press and hold the Home button while you reconnect iPhone to your PC or laptop using the USB cable. Keep the home button depressed until you see a pop up in iTunes saying that iPhone is in recovery mode. You can release the button at this moment.

    4. Click ok and follow the rest of the instructions. Please note that NO backup of iPhone will be done at this moment as in the case of normal restore. iTunes will then proceed to restore iPhone using your previous backups.

  • FUAD says:

    guys! just downgraded iOS4.1 (baseband 05.14.02) using tiny umbrella! It worked beautifully!! I didn’t have shsh files, but I requested it from Cydia, and it worked! Nicely jailbroken. Phone’s working fine. I was able to unlock too, but the phone couldn’t receive a network. Everytime I uninstall ultrasnow, it works with AT&T carriers. But when I reinstall it there’s no service. Well Even though I managed to downgrade the iOS from 4.1 to 4.0.1, the baseband remained the same. I guess I gotta wait until someone comes with a way to downgrade broadband.

    Just so u knw guys. I didn’t know how to use tiny umbrella and that is why I failed over and over again. But it’s easy to downgrade your phone using that software. Anyone who’s interested, give it a try.

  • james Michael foster says:

    to Wesam

    dude i fucking love u it worked omg new iphone omg tank u

  • Ester says:

    ok it was going through the process of jailbreaking but it took to long at “waiting for reboot” i just presed cancel and unplugged it but now my iphone wont turn on.. i plugged it back up and started in all over and its stuck on that same stage..


  • Kevin says:

    So i just tried to jailbreak my phone before reading that above and my phone was screwed too. I give up on jailbreaking my phone. Just aint worth it

  • Tino says:


    Dont Work!! > It does not work correctly !!

    Icon of the telephone disappears
    Icon of Cydia in White and no change sorces…

    No is good metod. Wait to Redsnow’s new Beta 0.9.6 B for Windows.

    Operative jailbreak 3G and 2G 4.1 OS for mac no windows..

    here:> http://wikee.iphwn.org/howto:rsbeta

  • James says:

    Are the web sites selling software to unlock the iPhone g3s 4.1 just a rip off? I am leaving for China next week and made the mistake of upgrading my phone. Please help if you can.

  • Jordan says:

    Sorry here’s my number 570-582-3705. I’ll tell you step by step on how to downgrade for free you can go from 4.1 to almost any firmware and no charge at all because I know how it feels so don’t be ashamed about your bricked iPhone text me or email me and I get you downgrade it in no time

  • Norman says:

    Hi guys…I have a problem. I used the jailbreak method by redsn0w and it worked..but one problem….i dont have my phone icon! does anyone know how to fix this?

  • 3ayp says:

    I downgraded with sn0wbreeze (http://ih8sn0w.com/index.php/welcome.snow) , works with no problem whatsoever

  • 3ayp says:

    Sorry, I meant jailbroken and unlocked

  • luke says:

    I had the same problem as everybody else with the missing icon….to restore turn the phone off by holding the sleep and home button at the same time untill the screen turns black then hold the home button while plugging you iphone into your computer

  • Chris says:

    Look to all u That tried this and lost your phone icon or other
    Stuff that dosent work right now just turn your phone off by holding down the
    Power and home button at the same time till it shuts down
    Then wait a few seconds and push both buttons again and hold
    Till the apple Icon come back up then let go of the power button
    While still holding the home button Hold it for 30 seconds then and
    Picture of iTunes cd and a charger cable will pop up on the screen
    At that time let go of the home button and plug it back into ur computer
    And start iTunes up it will give u a warning saying the phone is recovery
    Mode just click ok then go to the left and click on ur phone to bring up
    The sys page now click on the restore button it will ask u if ur sure if u want
    To restore it back to factory settings and update click yes then it should start
    To sys and reformat ur phones hard drive let it do it’s thing and when it gets
    Done it will give u the option to save as a new phone or revert to the old settings pick new and give ur phone a new name and when that’s done it will sink all ur apps and photos and music u had on it before u tried to jailbreak it
    U won’t lose anything this way and then ur phone should be done after iTunes tells u it’s ok to eject do so and then before u try useing ur phone u must do a hard reset by holding down both home and power button at same time till ur phone powers all the way off then wait a few seconds and push power and it will come back on and work like it did the day u got it out of that little box it came in lol good luck I hope this help some of u out and hope u all lurked a meson if it ant Broke Don’t Fix It ! LoL

  • Tygas says:

    I had the same problem with icons and blank cydia. Wifi and 3g not working too.

    a) If you do not depend on unlock, just restore with itunes to official version.

    b) If your baseband is < 0.514 you can build your custom ipsw and unlock with ultrasn0w with the help of this tutorial. http://www.blogsdna.com/12513/sn0wbreeze-2-0-to-jailbreak-ios-4-1-on-iphone-3gs3g-ipod-touch-2g-released.htm

    c) Wait till mid november for 4.2 and unlock.

    My phones:iPhone 3g

    One with old baseband successfuly updated with sn0wbreeze.

    Second one with original sim restored with with itunes but without jailbreak.

  • Don says:

    This thing freaked me out…Lost my phone icon. Had to follow the steps ABRA gave above….more victims….it’s funny….take the site blog down since this “formula” does not work….

  • Jeremy says:

    i don’t see any comments on the Redsn0w 0.9.6 B1 release (for Mac only)… does this jailbreak really work for iPhone 3g’s running 4.1?

    i have already tried Redsn0w 9.5 beta on Windows and ran into the same problem as everyone else with the phone app disappearing… so now i want to try the new release on my Mac… should i even waste my time?

  • puiu_92 says:

    i will wait for a simple jailbreak

  • Cristina says:

    I had an iPhone 3G running iOS4.1. Worked like a charm. So far I haven’t encountered any issues and have full functionality. Thank you!

  • Ryan says:

    I have my phone icon cydia and everything… .dont know if they worked out the kinks or if the jailbreak just didnt work lol i even have my wifi…but i do have a custom background..smh…

  • SoReal says:

    Mannn!! this some bullSH*T, I tried it but it and believe me it does not work, I didn’t read the comments first. Damn!! But I’m good now after a DFU and restore.

    Thanks for nothing

  • lance says:

    did the same…lost my phone icon. had to restore but it kept throwing error code 1602 had to go download this iREB program to clear the code and restore my phone back to a point. blah! So lame. Whats the bean with losing the icon?! ha

  • Jim says:

    I went through the no phone icon/app issue as well and am just finishing up restoring it to factory, unjailbroken settings….. I’m not waiting for a working jailbreak, I’m waiting for when I’ll be eligible for a phone upgrade from at&t so I can go buy an Android based phone….. I’m done dealing with this horse&*^%. The last jailbreak I applied worked ok but it did slow the phone down a bit…. Now with 4.1 on my phone I can’t even get that back (because I didn’t do my due dilligence and read the whole comment thread through to see that this jailbreak is broken…)

  • dem says:

    Carried out jailbreak on iphone 3g 4.1. Was successful, and still have my phone icon! dont know what everyone else is doing wrong. Make sure you have iphone 3g and not 3gs.

  • colacx says:

    you know i totally misunderstood the part where it said update to 4.1, i used the itunes to update to the official 4.1 version and apprently theres this thing called baseband that gets updated 5.14.02 and that will lock your phone to at&t and from there you cant jailbreak it, so you have to downgrade to 3.1 jailbreak it and hackactivate it and then i jailbreaked it with sn0wbreeze, this guide screwed me over now i have wait hopefully a month before i can make phone calls with my current “iPod touch”

  • Paul says:

    I finally make it work after 2 times attempt. USE ios 4.1 InSTEAD!

    The first time I used ios 4.0 but no phone, wifi, and blank Cydia. Then I restore it and use IOS 4.1 instead and it works good! Phone appear, wifi and cydia works!

    Try it and hope it works for you as well.

  • Asker says:

    Hi Guys Please help me.

    i have a jail broke iphone 3GS with iOS 3.1.2. few days before i updated it the iOS 4.1 through iTUNES. Now i can’t use the phone. it showing “connect to iTunes” and i tried to restore the back up, it is also not working. what i have to do?

  • brian says:

    use sn0wbreeze it is really easy to do i have an iphone 3g on 4.1 software and every thing works it really great

  • omkar says:

    Hai Guys,
    Dont try this f**king method.

    If you tried,
    put your phone to DFU method and then restore it.

    you will get your iphone with calling icon…. hahha

  • joestar says:

    how did u get it to work ???

  • Mohitdikshit says:


    I have Iphone 3G. By mistake ugraded my iphone software. the details are as follows:
    1) Phone : IPhone 3G 8 GB
    2) Version : OS 4.1 (8B117)
    3) Modem Firmware : 05.14.02
    4) Boot loader : 06.02

    Now i have also completed following steps :
    1) Jailbreak using Redsn0w
    2) activated iphone

    Now only one thing is remaining which is not possible via ultrasn0w:
    1) unlock iphone for any SIM to work.

    Can anyone please help as i have tried various ways to do so like:
    1) Using fuzzyband to downgrade
    2) Install another ipsw. but it does not work..

    Help ASAP.

  • Uselesstw says:

    Take the blog down useless c*nts.

  • Maners11 says:

    how did you restore it? tunes wont let me restore my iphone.

  • Jozeftoman says:

    How did you solve that? I have same problem..

  • zaphone says:

    i also experience the same problem, no phone icon, wifi didnt work and cannot restore..need to use the phone urgently..

  • Zxcamitkumar says:

    2500/RS hadwer unlock your iphone zxcamitkumar@yahoo.in

  • Taylor says:

    your going to have to remove itunes off you pc then redownload it agian then it will be brand new because you have already erased everything in memery off your phone but all the old memery is still on your pc thats why you have to remeove it but make sure that your old itunes isnt hidden in one of your old files because if it is it will redownload your old memery agian

  • Makkyrave says:

    commonnn! redsnow!
    i cant even turn off for DFU
    it keeps restart again
    deep shyt

  • Efxemx says:

    I have now jailbreak v. 3.1.2 (7D11) and I would like to upgrade to higher version (3.1.3 or higher)
    What is the method for that?
    Thank you!

  • danny thenand says:

    Amazing , i just unlocked my iPhone 3G 4.1 using: http://www.unlock-iphone.org
    It Worked!!!

  • Philip says:

    how do you put into DFU and restore..cause once in DFU the iphone in itunes disappear..=(..HELP!!

  • Meg_babykoryusei says:

    please help me my iphone 4 is in recovery mode ive already tried press power+home but still nothings appear on screen….itunes requires to restore and update ut i dont want to restore because didnt back up it….what should i do with this help please

  • Meg_babykoryusei says:

    please help me my iphone 4 is in recovery mode ive already tried press power+home but still nothings appear on screen….itunes requires to restore and update ut i dont want to restore because didnt back up it….what should i do with this help please

  • Meg_babykoryusei says:

    how did u get it?cydia told me to downgrade it to 4.0 but i ddnt downgrade,i restored it in itunes…then now im stuck in to recovery mode

  • Meg_babykoryusei says:

    how did u get it?cydia told me to downgrade it to 4.0 but i ddnt downgrade,i restored it in itunes…then now im stuck in to recovery mode

  • Patelnirav says:

    i have same problem
    sameone help me out

  • Patelnirav says:

    i have iphone 3g, by mistake upgraded my iphone software.
    The derails are as follows:
    1) phone: iphone 3g 8gb
    2) version: 4.1(8b117)
    3) MF: 05.14.02

    i trying jailbreak iphone is not working

  • Jans_kon says:

    bull shit it doesnt work at all

  • Leoboi911 says:

    SnowBreeze same problem no phone icon and no wifi… dont use 3G iphone

  • Rvaspali Rvasapali says:

    Hai sir iam ramesh kumar form vizag dabagardens mobile shope ihave a iphone 3gs , how to unlock pls snd me, dis is my email adress rvasapali.rvasapali@gmail.com and dis is my contact no: 9059572679

  • Bruce Mc says:

    I tried this and it does not work, any other suggestions?

  • Cyprus_4_lyf says:

    type this in cydia source
    “ultrasn0w” is with a zero, not “o”

  • sciberras89 says:

    **MISSING PHONE ICON etc.. FIX without restoring and losing all your shit**

    if you followed this tutorial and now your phone icon and cydia are all messed up, and now your phone wont even power off, DONT PANIC! A few easy steps to fix below…

    1) DELETE the ISPW file you used! Download 4.1 firmware file corresponding to your iDevice..

    2) If you arent using it already upgrade to redsn0w 0.9.6b1

    3) Plug your phone into your computer, run redsn0w 0.9.6b1, select newly downloaded 4.1 firmware, check desired boxes and click next..

    4) Now you should be at the screen which asks you to make sure your phone is turned OFF, but wait, your phone doesnt turn off… easily overcome, all you need to do is hold down your power and home buttons simultaneously until your screen goes black, then release the home button while still holding the power, quickly press next on redsnow and follow instructions for DFU mode and jailbreak.

    5) ENJOY jailbroken 4.1!


  • Mimlinawaz says:

    my iphone is 3gs model for US but i want to use in saudi arabia what i have to do please guide me.

  • Sy says:

    download the 3.1.3 firmware and restore with that?

  • Sy says:

    it’s a iphone NOT a xbox!!! flash haha
    the jailbreak but not the unlock

  • Sy says:

    2 way to do this if you are a unlocker 1st is to wait for a safe way to unlock on 4.2 or.
    2nd is to upgrade your basebrand and then unlock,
    if you are jailbreak only it does work for mac & windows.
    use google it’s your friend the answers are out there…

  • Christianpangilinan27 says:

    Okay just to make sure
    I have an iphone 3g on 4.1 ios
    i dont want cydia

    i just want homescreen,wallpaper,and battery percentage….

    i should be fine installing?

  • Nessa18143 says:

    I have no idea to unlock this phone someone pls help if u know how text me at 2016801915 thank u guys

  • Paul says:

    This worked a treat for me…. thankyou…. only one problem left it won’t let me into the cydia app???…

  • Ajjeba says:

    i got a i phone 3gs after unlocking i have updated the verson, now my phone got locked again, again unlocked but i am unable to switch off, if i switch off the phone again getting locked any one help me to solve this issue

  • Markangelouy says:

    do i need to connect to the internet when i jailbreak my iphone?? tnx.

  • Markangelouy says:

    guys.. do i need to connect to the internet when i jailbreak my iphone? need your help.. tnx

  • Badjam says:

    Can someone please please help. I jailbroke and unlocked my iphone 3G running 4.1. I ran fine on the IPAD OS. Through a dumb decision, I RESET my phone to erase all previous user settings,which put it into a coma displaying the apple logo. so i tries to restore using itunes, but that didn’t help. I tried re-installing the IPAD OS but nothing.
    Any ideas, or to I just chuck the phone?

  • Jr_dyan says:

    hi to all,

    i have an iphone 3g with
    FW 4.2.1
    modern firmware 6.15

    and i have also completed
    jailbreaking it using redsnow 0.9.6 b4

    but the problem is i don’t have a wifi connection now anymore
    that results not to unlock my iphone.. please tell me what will i do
    to activate back my wifi again..


  • Indyaholic says:

    can i jailbreak my phone if it’s already unlocked?

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