5 Responses to iPhone/iPod Touch Voice Commands/Controls You May Not Know

  • ScootFla says:

    There’s so much capability for there to be more voice commands AND for the software to better identify sounds and syllables. I have no accent, speak in a clear voice, and tell the iPod Touch to “shut up” sometimes when I get aggravated with the voice controls. The iPod only hears “Shu” and then turns shuffle on. As for more voice commands, you could start an App or even use commands within Apps (I guess it would take the App’s programmer to allow this – if capable).

  • Whistlebug23 says:

    Not only do these work, but it’s possible in different languages! I just did it in English and German! such as:
    “Spiel Tracks von” then you add the artist/band’s name.
    “Spiel Album” then add the album name
    “Spiel Wiedergabe” then add the name of the desired playlist
    “Nächsten Song” (next song)
    Try Google Translate for the others, and other languages, it’s pretty sweet.

  • Bill says:

    how do I get Voice Control to not come up every two seconds?

  • Bill says:

    I don’t know anything about Voice Control and don’t know why it’s coming on my screen. How to disable? Thank you.