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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Chris

    Must I do every single step again, like: backup, installing 4.0, install backup AND jailbreaking or can I just run redsn0w again and it will fix iBooks automatically, when I deselect Cydia?

    I just got comfortable with my new OS :P

  • Jake

    The wording seems to indicate that you can just re-run redsn0w against the current install and it will resolve the issue…

  • Alexis

    So it IS possible to jailbreak the iphone 4 for t-mobile?

  • i just bought an iphone 3gs with 4.0 software on it from my friend who used AT&T. i’m with t-mobile and wanted to jailbreak it. is it possible to do this? i’m running into a lot of issues…

  • ELP

    Anyone knows if with : Pwnagetool 4.0.1 for Mac OS X can i JB the 3GS 4.0.1 ?

    I tried with Pwnagetool 4.0, didn’t work :(

    Thank You,

  • Anonymous

    An updated version has been released, PwnageTool v4.1.2 Download: