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Sandip Dedhia

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  • Jake

    I keep getting an unknown error every time I try to update.

  • noe

    Hello this is the first time i tried to jailbreak my iphone 3g. i downloaded the ios4.0 firmaware,i open itune let the iphone sync. i press shift an restore and open the firmware software i downloaded i get 2 folders all_flash and dfu i open dfu and there is nothing else and i open all_flush i get another folder all_.n82ap. production and it shows empty too I was wondering what i was doing wrong. thank you

  • NK

    just an addon,

    if when u shift+update it gave an 3002 error, try shift+restore.

  • Julie

    what should i do?… i already downloaded the 4.0 update, but didnt do it manually. how can i still jailbreak?

  • ipod 4

    when i click update button it says firmware not compatible
    plz help what do i do

  • venerzky

    Thanks for the instructions!

    worked flawlessly on my iPT 2G 8GB, now running iOS4 JB using Redsnow 0.9.5

  • bombbomb

    mine says firmware is incompatible, but i know its right, whats going on?

  • jordan

    I tried it multiple times and i do it perfectly as intructed and my ipod stays on 2nd gen, my ipod2gen just does not wanna update for some reason. please help me!!

  • Jasmine

    I followed the instructions and it keeps saying firmware not compatible. HELP !

  • Luis

    Thanks a bunch! This really helped a lot! =)

  • Gary

    Also had the firmware not compatible error. Can anyone shine some light on this issue?

  • Keshav


    i have downloaded u firmware in rar
    plz tell me how make it a ipsw file

  • RninaRK

    I agree. I too downloaded it and can find the IPSW file nowhere. What gives??

  • riki

    when the new firmwarre was installing an error occured and wen i plug my ipod in its not showing up in devices or my computer, wat cn i do????:S:(

  • Lach

    I have downloaded IOS4 but haven’t put it on my iPod Touch 2g 16g MB i can’t find the ios4 file on my computer

  • spyro

    The firmware is compressed in .zip, but only rename .zip for .ipsw, and update. ok?

  • Lach again

    The ios4 file is not ipsw. I have already extracted the zip file and there is no ipsw. This site is useless

  • stephen

    I cant find the file to open wen i cliked shift and update.

  • Ujin

    Also had the firmware not compatible error. Can anyone help please

  • DC

    I kept getting an error after I’ve tried to update from my ipod 3g 3.1.3 to 4.0. What did I do wrong? I followed cautiously multiple times. Please help.

  • TB

    ipod could not be restored because the file is not compatible

  • Olly

    Hi, I’ve reyes nearly everything to up download version 4.0, I’ve got a 3rd generation 32GB iPod currently with version 3.1.3, when I try to download version 4.0 it just comes up at the top of iTunes ‘baking up’ I normally leave it for about 2 hours (I try every day) but it never seems to get any further than that, can you help me please:)

  • Christian

    Well if u manige to get 4.0 iPod touch download try downloading and ones you have done this read the note pad and follow the instruction if you still don’t orderstand what someone doing it on YouTube

  • Raymonde

    It work !!!!!!!!!

  • Animesh

    Dear Sir,

    Need your help. I own a iphone 3g which i had jailbreaked 6 months back and was working fine. Recently i updated the phone to IOS 4.1 after which i was unable to get the phone network. So I downloaded IOS 4.0 and used redsnow to jail break the same. but after doing the same, the calling option from the iphone is gone!!!

    so please advise me as to what should i do now?

  • Lycan

    Thx Spyro that did the trick

  • Rhino6509

    will this restore my ipod?

  • ipod could not be restored because the file is not compatible

  • You can learn how to update iPhone 4 firmware @

  • Drago_d52

    Will it delete my data