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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Nihar

    Thanks for the tip. I installed it. Will use it for 15 days and use this to completely uninstall..

  • tanveer

    just what i was looking for

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  • Mastria

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Mariza

    a bunch of thanks!

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  • Ian Denton

    I have tried to perform this process with what can only be stated as mixed success. While the Nero file is removed from the program file, there are still about 6-8 Nero files showing up via Control Panel “add& delete” The files don’t appear as normal (bright) and they appear to be empty, but still visible. Secondly, I still cannot install Nero9 after the clean. I am running an OEM factory loaded Vista, could this be the problem?

  • stacey

    My computer says there is “a problem” with using the clean tool and microsoft will “get back to me if there is a solution”. I want to uninstall the Nero 9 trial that my son downloaded on my computer and am quite frustrated!!

  • degeno

    thanks for the tips.
    it helps me a lot.